Project Description

Shopping Center Estação Cuiabá

Located at the state capital of Mato Grosso, with 131 thousand m2. You will find the biggest shopping center of the state with the national reference of Brimalls shopping building construction, the “Shopping Center Estação Cuiabá”. Beside the unquestionable architectural beauty, the ventilated façade was a perfect thermal advantage choice as the average temperature in Cuiabá is 30º during all the year.

We had some issues in this project, for example the curve façade but it didn’t stop us to make a good job, also the aluminium friezes installation, that was the architect special requirements, what made him appreciate more the façade.

The system used was the Rediwa Cat 3 with 90x90cm porcelain tiles in 1500m2 of ventilated façade.





André Sá

Francisco Mota

Ventilated Facade System

Rediwa Cat 3