REDIWA CAT 1.1. 8mm Horizontal Joint

The Rediwa C.A.T 1.1 8mm joint is a mechanical fastening system designed by Wandegar and used with cement glue, it provides extra safety for bonded facades for porcelain tiles thicker than 8mm.

It would be advisable for bonded facades, to add a mechanical fastening to prevent the cement glue from losing its adhesive chemical properties over time and after the impact of atmospheric agents. This system is based on two aspects: the slots on the ceramic tile and the set consisting of the steel clips and their screws.

Ceramic preparation consists, generally, on four slots, two in the upper corners and another two on the lower corners. In these slots, made prior to bond on the wall, the clips are inserted and screwed. The clips are made with a high quality stainless steel, and they are inserted into the slots. With these clips, we can achieve a minimum width of 8mm horizontal joint. At the same time, they are fixed to the wall with one nylon plug and one screw.

Bonded Facades