Wandegar trusted since the beginning about the Slim tiles, because it’s a versatile material with a lot of application possibilities. One of those possibilities is the false ceramic ceiling.

A false ceramic ceiling is defined a secondary ceiling installed to a determined distance of the concrete slab to hide pipes or wiring installations.

False ceramic ceiling developed by Wandegar are an innovative and avant-garde concept decorative. Their name is Skycid. These solutions are a new ceramic concept of ceiling, where design, multiformats, texture diversity, smartness and comfort sensation are all mixed.


Among the most important porcelain tiles advantages in ceramic ceiling, their highlights are:

  • VERSATILITY: allows a lot of possibilities with designs, formats and variety.
  • AESTHETICS: for the first time, is possible using the same material everywhere: floor, walls and ceilings.
  • MAINTENANCE: this material requires a very easy cleaning treatment.
  • DURABILITY: ceramic is a lifelong material.
  • FIREPROOF: this is a incombustible material, so it’s perfect for this solution.