Skycid Design

Skycid design is a new solution for creating an exclusive a personalized in any area that you want decorating.

This solution consists in a floating false ceramic ceilings and provides an innovative and avant-garde aspect. The wide range of models and ceramic sizes, combined with several relieves and textures possibilities make this system in the perfect solution to covering any space.

The difference with other ceramic ceilings is achieved with from the several ranges of shapes, designs and textures that porcelain tiles offer. Another important advantage is that this system does not require any framework as conventional false ceramic ceiling does.

This ceramic ceiling system is supplied by modules prepared in Wandegar. These modules are formed by an aluminium structure bonded to the tiles with a special adhesive to connect them. Each tile also has two clips to insert a steel wire to improve its safety. Clips are fixed mechanical and chemically with decorative rivets and a special elastic adhesive.

Then, in the same place where the ceiling must be installed, each module will be connected to the next one with an aluminium profiles.

Ceramic Ceilings