About us

We are an engineering company dedicated to offering technical solutions to the construction and interior design sector.


Wandegar was created in Barcelona in 2001, focusing its activity in the installation of ventilated façades.


Torrecid Group, a world leader in products and services for the ceramics and glass industry, acquires Wandegar and offer the company a new focus, turning it into an engineering company focused on providing technical solutions for architectural and interior design projects. It also expanded the range of solutions, not only for ventilated façades, but also for other applications such as raised floors, ceramic ceilings, dry installation systems, manufacturing and specialised solutions.


Opening of new facilities with a larger production space and a new and impressive Services building in which we show one of our most innovative systems.


Nowadays, Wandegar is a leader company in its sector. We base our job on quality, innovation, sustainability, and service as our cornerstones to provide our customers the best competitive advantages and added value.

What do we offer?

Architects consulting

Engineering services and technical projects

Tailor-made solutions

Fully qualified installation