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Data privacy and terms of use

This information applies to the Wandegar social media pages, operated by Wandegar, on Facebook / LinkedIn / Instagram platforms (from now on FLI pages).

Wandegar among FLI pages is processing the data and therefore holds the responsability to protect the personal data we manage as result of the use of the FLI platforms.

In that behalf we inform you about the terms of use, and the data processing as ‘per se’ in Wandegar FLI pages.

  1. The Message function, after registered with FLI (if applies), gives you the opportunity to send to us a private Message. Following the legal basis provide by the 6 I f) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are gonna read your message and respond to you, if applies. After that, with no other grounds, the message will be deleted. Otherwise the Wandegar data privacy statement will be applied. We are not holding any other processing of this data, neither analyzed nor interpreted.
  2. The other interactive tools provide by FLI, such as comment, share, rate, likes, and so on, should be use under you own responsability. Wandegar will not exercise influence on the processing of the personal data provide within such tools. For more information about this data processing you can refere to FLI pages:
  • Processing of data by Facebook:

  • Processing of data by LinkedIn:

  • Processing of data by Instagram:

C. Statistical information about data processing also explains in:

D. FLI Data policy about personal data supplied to countries outside the European Union is also holding by FLI and can be Access in the same links provide in paragraph b.

E. Torrecid Group oficial privacy statement:

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