Gunni & Trentino

Gunni & Trentino’s work has consolidated its position as one of Madrid’s main reference works in 2017. For this project Wandegar developed a unique technical solution to allow the coating material Dekton to give a levitating sensation in the air, with each piece completely independent, thus offering a unique aesthetics in a project that has been an emblem for the Gunni & Trentino brand.

Due to its aesthetics and beauty, this façade has been a before and after for many architects, offering them all the possibilities that Wandegar ventilated façades can offer to the field of design, always guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety.

A unique design that has lived up to the most demanding architecture.



Madrid (Spain)


MS Arquitectura

Ventilated Facade System

Rediwa CAT 1
Rediwa CAT 1.1