Ceramic Ceilings


Skycid Slats


Skycid Slats is a solution for the application in thin ceramic ceilings placed vertically.

The main advantages of these ceramic ceilings are the lightness, real and visual, the feeling of spaciousness that it gives to the environment, as well as its ease of assembly. They allow total access to the ceilings, as well as to any type of installation. Another very important advantage is that they leave the way open to both smoke detectors and water sprinkler systems.

In order to provide maximum security for the system, the two ceramic tiles are chemically and mechanically fixed to the aluminium sheet using high-performance elastomer adhesive and two aluminium rivets per tile. These are visible and can be lacquered in the colour of the ceramic to conceal their position.

All around the perimeter of the slats (except on the upper face) a “T” shaped aluminium trim is placed, lacquered in the colour of the ceramic to provide an unbeatable aesthetic finish.