Raised Floors

Heated Wandefloor

The Wandefloor Heated system is a raised floor system that is used for both exteriors and interiors. The panels are made up of 10 mm thick ceramic pieces reinforced with 2 mm of Wandeslim, along with heat transmitting materials.

This system provides a very stable and highly resistant ceramic surface, while providing thermal warmth in the room in which it is installed. In addition, it supports a wide range of ceramic finishes and formats.

By using materials that transmit heat, they increase the ambient temperature of the room and provide a better feeling of comfort in the coldest months, reaching a surface temperature of between 28 ºC and 31 ºC.

As for the height-adjustable pedestals, they will allow us to acquire the desired height for the floating floor. Depending on whether it is an indoor or outdoor floor, we will use the Wandefloor Inwase or Wandefloor Outwase system.