Ventilated Façades

CAT 1 / CAT 1 slim

Rediwa C.A.T 1 system is a mixed hidden longitudinal fastening(chemical and mechanical) with a high aesthetic versatility and quick installation, that also allows tiles replacement. The back of the tile is horizontally mechanised with a double groove where a couple of aluminium profiles are inserted. Those profiles are the tiles attaching system to the subestructure of the ventilated façade.

Tile thickness: 8,5 mm to 14 mm

Rediwa C.A.T 1 Slim is adapted for thin tiles. This system has been developed by our R&D department to achieve lighter façades with better technical performance. This not only facilitates installation and tiles replacement, but also supposes significant savings in construction times.

Tile thickness: 6 mm to 8,5 mm



It works with a pair of longitudinal grooves on the back of the tile with hook and lock profiles inserted into those grooves so that the tile can be hung on a horizontal profile. At the same time, the horizontal profile is attached to the vertical substructure.


An elastic MS-type adhesive is placed on the critical surface between the tile’s back and the vertical substructure. This absorbs both the wind-induced vibrations of the ceramic tile and the expansion between the different materials. In addition, it prevents detachment in the event of accidental breakage of the tile.