Ventilated Façades


Rediwa C.A.T 4 is a concealed longitudinal mechanical fixing system designed for large natural stone formats (limestone, marble, granite…). It works by means of the support and retention exerted by the system on the edges of the tile.

This system can combine all the hygrothermal advantages of a ventilated façade with the aesthetic and mechanical advantages that natural stone brings to a building

Stone thickness: 30mm.

 With the Rediwa C.A.T 4 system, the cladding elements are held in place by a horizontal profile that supports them longitudinally. This profile is bolted to the vertical substructure in order to transmit the weight of the stone to it.

The natural stone cladding must be longitudinally grooved at the upper and lower edges. The profiles that perform the supporting and retaining functions are inserted in those grooves.