Ventilated Façades


Rediwa C.A.T 6 is a concealed, mixed (mechanical and chemical) fixing system, in which the tiles are placed breaking the flatness effect of the façade. The result is a flaked façade that offers a totally innovative finish compared to traditional systems. The system allows, if necessary, the replacement of a single tile as well as piece-by-piece adjustment.

 Tile thickness: 8,5 mm to 14 mm

The Rediwa C.A.T 6 Slim is adapted for thin tiles. This system is registrable and offers a completely innovative finish compared to traditional solutions. It has been developed by our R&D Department with the aim of achieving lighter façades with better technical features that reduce construction times and facilitate their installation.



It works with a pair of longitudinal grooves on the upper and lower back of the tile. The grooves are industrially mechanised and the “hook and lock” profiles are inserted into them. After this, the whole part is hung from the horizontal profile which is fixed to the vertical substructure of the ventilated façade.


An MS elastic adhesive is applied to the critical surface between the back of the ceramic tile and the hanger-lock profile and also between the horizontal profile and the vertical substructure. This absorbs both the wind-induced vibrations and the expansion between the different materials too. In addition, it prevents detachment in the event of accidental breakage of the tile.