Raised Floors



A Raised accessible floor is a modular floor composed of ceramic tiles supported by height-adjustable supports. Between the subfloor and the lower part of the raised access floor, a space is created where installations can be accommodated. Thanks to the floor’s accessibility, it is possible to access the installations or to carry out periodic cleaning tasks.

fachada ventilada
fachada ventilada
fachada ventilada
fachada ventilada



Currently, the market is witnessing the incorporation of new tile installation systems that stand out for their dry assembly, setting a clear difference with traditional construction methods that require the use of water for the hydration of their binders.

The main advantages of dry installation systems over traditional systems are the speed of installation and the fact that they are much cleaner systems.

Especially after the introduction of thin ceramic tiles on the market, Wandegar has been developing new installation solutions that simplify the works and allow ceramic material to be used in places that were not previously common, such as furniture, partition walls, etc.

Wandefloor Dry System is a system for laying “dry” indoor flooring with the possibility of replacement. It consists of:

  • Floor covering tiles with Wandeslim reinforcement.
  • Wandefoam acoustic sheet, placed between the covering and the original floor.
  • Adhesive strips of the LOCKCID system, which clip together when pressed against each other. These strips are adhered to the back of the ceramic material on the one hand, and on the other hand, to strips that are supported on the floor.


  • Self-installation of pieces for interior flooring by means of a dry gluing system.
  • Replaceable.
  • Indoor application
  • Easy and quick to install
  • No works, no dismantling.
  • Clean system, without debris.
  • Minimum thickness.
  • Immediate adhesion.